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Embroidered Faves

I'm definitely late to the embroidery party, but I absolutely love the trend and feel like it can be dressed super edgy but also be really girly and fun too. I think this trend is going to last a while because of its versatility and wearability as long as its worn in moderation and not excessively, i especially love the fact that this is a "print" than can be worn in any season.

I cant really wear shear clothing so under the tops I usually wear a black tee and you cant even tell! I've had some cute pieces in my closet for a while and I shot some amazing pictures with Jordan Bree Photography while I was still in Utah so what better excuse to share right? Links to the pieces or similar ones will be linked below just click the pictures! I Hope you enjoy them!

Party Dress: perfect for all the holiday special occasions and for slaying casually.

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