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10 Random Facts About Aleja

Since I'm new to blogging I thought it would be fun to do a little get to know me post! I am a pretty open person so it has been a bit difficult trying to come up with things very few people know about me, but here we go.

1. I was born in Colombia and am Currently not a US citizen.

Lots of people know I was born in Colombia but whenever I meet new people they always assume that I was born here, maybe its because I don't have an accent or act however people think a foreigner should act, the real zinger (even for some close friends that I've known forever) is usually that I'm not a US citizen yet. I've lived in the US since I was 4 so I have technically had plenty of time to become a citizen, but circumstances have made it difficult to apply and take the test (money, time, college, marriage, life) but now that I have the means and time to do it, 2018 is my year: 'murica here I come.

2. I'm a quarter African... and a bunch of Other things.

Oh the classic "you don't look Colombian" if I had a penny for every time I heard that I'd be rolling in the cash. The truth is that Colombians all look different, even within some families. In the media we see, Shakira, and Sofia Vergara and everyone automatically assumes were all bootylicious and curvy with straight hair and fair skin, however a quick trip to Colombia will show you otherwise. My Dad is Native (south) American a touch European and half African, mostly Nigerian with some incredible slave ancestry. My Mom is Italian, Spanish and Native (south) American. But we're all Colombian.

3. Spanish was my first language.

See #1. I also was in ESL until 4th grade even though I was pretty fluent in english, i just wanted to stay with my friends.

4. I used to want to be a Fire Fighter.

This one is so random, I know. But even to this day whenever I see female firefighters I just feel so inspired! Ever since career day in 1st grade I thought I wanted to be a firefighter, but then all 5 feet 4 inches and 100 pounds of me realized that it probably wasn't going to happen.

5. I used to sing, and I was pretty good.

Through elementary school, junior high and part of high school i was in choir at school, in Junior high I auditioned and made it onto the state honor choir and the traveling choir, I even had a few solos but I started dancing more and more in High School and decided to give up singing for dance. One of my most embarrassing stories actually revolves around singing but I'll share that one another time because its a little too much for this post.

6. I am HORRIBLE at sports. Like Tragic.

This is really embarrassing but I tried out for literally every sport in junior high because I actually liked sports at the time and I wanted to be athletic but I literally didn't make a single team. But all is well because I finally found dance and realized that was the sport for my awkward little bod.

7. I used to teach Sex-Ed

Theres not much of a back story here, it was part of my old job and I absolutely LOVED it. I loved everything about teaching teenagers and feeling like I was potentially impacting their lives for good. It was so rewarding and difficult at the same time because I worked with troubled youth and foster kids and it made me want to adopt all of them.

8. I absolutely love ALL animals.

I really cant think of a single animal I'm scared of, in college my sister and I had a snake, I've had hamsters, guinea pigs, all kinds of birds, chickens and obviously dogs. (I currently have 3) You name it, I love it, I even asked for a pig for Christmas one year (my parents said no).

9. I am OBSESSED with Dinosaurs and Rocks.

I think I was a paleontologist in my previous life because ya girl loves searching for rocks and shells and just everything like that. I also took a dinosaur 101 class in college, yes it was literally called Dinosaurs 101, and we got to learn all about ancient life and Dinos and it was just a dream. I collect rocks cuz I'm a NERD and I'm just not ashamed.

10. I Learned How to Ride a Bike Last Summer

Guys, I grew up in Queens New York, our apartment was LITERALLY right in front of the Van Wyck Express way, there was no leisurely bike riding like kids that grow up in the suburbs. So fast forward and we move to Arizona and I was 10, but still never learned, fast forward 13 years and I married into a really outdoorsy adventurous family and my lack of bike riding just wasn't gonna fly so Blake took it upon himself to teach me, I'm still super bad, I look like a toddler when I ride, but its better than nothing!

Thanks For Reading! Come back soon!


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