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Infertility, Community and Huggies

As many of you know, Blake and I have been through quite a journey to become pregnant. We had been trying to have a baby for 2 years without full added fertility help, and when we first became pregnant through IUI after only 2 tries, we were so hopeful and excited that it was finally our turn. When we lost that baby, whom we lovingly call Blueberry, we felt that hope was lost. It took quite some time to have the faith and hope and bravery to start the process all over again. Fast forward to a year later and we got the unbelievable news that we were expecting. I reflect back on all the time and pain we had to go through, and I can't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing community we had surrounding us. We went years without telling anyone about our struggles and they were some of the loneliest years. As soon as we openly spoke about our journey, we became surrounded with love and embraced by family, friends and complete strangers on the internet, and maybe most importantly my doctors and nurses at my fertility clinic.

Community is so important and through it, we can be embraced in love and kindness. I can't wait to keep building my family and building a space and hope he can feel loved and cared for. I want to be the best and provide the best for my son. I’m so excited to give him all the love and the care and hopefully the best things, which is why I’m stocking up on all our baby necessities at Costco. One of the things we really wanted to make sure we could stock up on and rely on was our diapers. We went to Costco so we could stock up on Huggies Plus diapers! They’re Huggies most absorbent diapers that fit comfortably so that little guy is happy and dry. They’re sold exclusively at Costco, which to me, if it's at Costco and says “Plus” in the title then it’s THE BEST! Get them $9 off at Costco now through 9/29!

This community has been the best and I want to keep giving my baby the best. Thank you all for following along on my journey, so thankful or y’all!

This post is sponsored by Huggies.

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