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About the Briles

Our Story

Hello! We're the Briles; Blake, Aleja, Everest and a baby girl on the way due in February! Welcome to our family blog, we are so excited that you're here and taking part in a piece of our life! Blake and Aleja met in New York while doing a mission trip for the church they attended, weeks after returning and almost 2 years of being good friends they decided to make each other a permanent part of life, 8 months later we got married, and it has been the happiest, funnest, most fulfilling 7+ years together. In those years we have battled infertility, miscarriage, had a beautiful baby boy named Everest, gone through corporate jobs, business ventures and now the adventure of a LIFETIME! Blake quit his job, we sold our house, our car and almost everything we own to buy an RV and travel the United States for the foreseeable future. We felt called to do this because we desperately needed a reset, we felt that we were in a time in our life where we could go with the flow of "normal", or chase adventure and change and nature and beauty. We feel that these moments will be so special for us as a couple, as parents and for Everest and our baby girl, though they may not remember it, we feel that we are planting this seed in their souls to chase their dreams and seek something different and beautiful. We are excited to be sharing this journey with you and feel like we have a bunch of friends we get to send updates to! 

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